Friend, how have you been moving with our industry as it changes quickly and dramatically?!

    With all the rapid shifts, the pressure for you to hustle has skyrocketed. You have way more responsibilities as an independent business - and your time has been absolutely depleted by all the hats you have to juggle just to keep up.

    Your time is your most valuable resource. That’s why it’s more important than ever that you learn how to make the absolute most of it.

    The goal for this summit is different than most. It’s a free, non-profit, value packed digital event dedicated to making a massive impact in your business and the beauty industry.

    For 3 days, August 7-9th, 15+ industry professionals who have found ways to work smarter, not harder in their beauty businesses, will be bringing you their expertise. You’ll hear about everything from beauty industry specific accounting to how to create a culture of inclusivity, and so much more. 

    What is this summit about?

    Hi! I'm Hunter...

    Hey friends! I am Hunter Donia and I am so excited to meet you!

    I am a salon suite owner and client experience expert based out of central PA. I'm passionate about teaching beauty professionals how to grow their business by setting boundaries through automation and elevating the client experience. In 2020, I was recognized as the youngest up-and-coming hair colorist by Beauty LaunchPad, and in 2021 I was named in Modern Salon’s Top 100 and 15 Faces of Sola. I've presented at industry conferences across the nation. Plus, launched a business to educate hairstylists on how to leverage automation to set client boundaries and introduce fresh strategies that prevent behind the chair burn-out and drive business. Hunter enjoys hanging out with his cat, Henry, traveling, and going to music festivals and concerts in his free time. 

    Right now I'm the MOST excited to be hosting the very first Modern Hairstylist Summit!



      Meet the Speakers

      Michelle Cook

      J Ladner

      Michelle Cook is a beauty school graduate turned licensed CPA. As a partner at Carter Cook, CPAs, she specializes in guiding beauty professionals to move beyond compliance and into forward-focused strategy. Michelle also empowers beauty professionals to be the financial expert in their business through her course, Beauty Bookkeeping. When she's not helping clients maximize profit, you'll find her snuggling her two (soon to be three) babies and drinking lavender tea.

      J Ladner is an accomplished hair and makeup artist with experience in film, television, theatre, print and digital media. Recognized as Modern Salon’s 2019 Top 100, American Influencer Awards 2020 Emerging Hairstylist of the Year nominee, J is also a successful entrepreneur, educator, digital author, Digital Creative Director of Oligo Professionnel, Director of Education of FASTFOILS and co-hosts the No Stylist Left Behind podcast with Nina Tulio. J has been in the industry for 12 years. 

      Jamie Dana

      Jodie Brown

      Since 2016, Jamie Dana has taught tens of thousands of hairstylists how to use Instagram to grow and scale their businesses. Through her online programs, Instagram, YouTube channel, and speaking engagements all over the world, Jamie loves helping stylists see their full potential not only as a hairstylist, but also as a business owner. Her goal is to help stylists build a business that supports a life they absolutely love!

      Jodie Brown is a hairstylist veteran turned online entrepreneur, educator, and host of the Hairstylist Rising Podcast. She helps beauty industry entrepreneurs and educators create captivating brand stories & marketing strategies that bring their vision to life. Jodie is obsessed with helping hairstylists & beauty pros find freedom, alignment and fulfillment in their careers… and helping elevate educators to do the same. She's also a fan of travel, snuggling her little boy and Game Of Thrones (yes, still). 

      You might have heard her speak at A Really Suite Summit, The Beauty, Business & Brains Summit, inside top industry education programs as the marketing guest coach & on industry podcasts including: The Anxious Creative, The Soloprenuer Podcast, She Makes Waves, Mane Mommas, Salon Chatroom & many more.

      Britt Seva

      Chrystal L.

      I’m a former 7-figure salon director who has coached over 10,000 stylists towards my big, ambitious life’s mission:
      To empower 1 million stylists to reach a six-figure income level and change the perception of the entire beauty industry.

      I’ve been teaching stylists and salon owners how to create wealthy lives since 2012.

      I have since created the trainings that I wished were there for me when I was in the salon so that all stylists and salon owners now have access to innovative, modern, proven, actionable marketing.

      Chrystal L. is an All Hair industry expert, educator, salon owner, and entrepreneur who has over 13 years of experience in the beauty industry. As she continued to seek additional education opportunities, she quickly realized there was a lack of resources, tools, and education around working with all hair types and being able to provide services to anyone who walked into her salon. This created a passion for teaching and bringing awareness to creating inclusive spaces for hair stylists, beauty brands, and corporate clients. -This was the beginning of her launching The All Hair Academy and one year later The Beauty Collective

      Two programs focused on making the beauty industry more diverse and inclusive. 
      When consulting Chrystal L. brings a non-bias approach to her clients by getting them to understand the importance of creating safe and inclusive spaces. Her methodology begins by disrupting the norms and creating conversations in beauty practices. Through this work, her clients are able to make their businesses, homes, and their hearts safe places where their clients feel like they belong. 

      Chantel Channell

      Kimber Chapman

      Hi, My name is Chantel Channell a salon owner, product innovator, and salon suites business coach. Over the years i have help beauty professional redefine success, by pivoting, niching down and charging fact based and not Emotional. In my twelve years of experience as a hairstylist, I’ve seen the lack of knowledge in what it takes to become a successful business owner within the beauty industry. I’ve come to realize that the result of not having this foundation for a business leads many stylists to become underpaid, stressed out, and not having a work-life balance. That's why i love what i do!

      Kimber Chapman is the owner of Tone Color & Extensions Studio & stylist behind the chair in the small town of Fortville Indiana. When making the move to suite ownership in 2018, she discovered that clients connected with solutions over services. She developed a signature experience around her personal brand, and created a website & service menu that helped guests feel confident when booking for results, not techniques. She decided to take her own salon vision and create education & website templates so she could help other stylists recognize and utilize their own secret sauce to create unique offerings for their clients. 
      She exists to show salon professionals that developing a brand is more than meets the eye. With branding strategy, you can connect with your community and create a career you are consistently excited about!

      Piper De Young

      Cash Lawless

      Piper is a Makeup Artist turned Brand & Web Designer. She is also the co-founder of two community and business-driven events for hairstylist and makeup artist - Ember Retreat & Blend Gatherings.

      She started her career behind the makeup counter with philosophy and furthered her artistry skills as a makeup artist for MAC. She later took a leap of faith and established herself as a freelance makeup artist.

      Piper also has a background in Marketing and Graphic Design. With a passion for digital media and the hair/makeup industry,

      Piper is a social media and beauty lover with a sharp eye for trending design. She enjoys connecting with small creative beauty entrepreneurs looking to establish their brand identity and showcase their work while effectively engaging with their audience.

      Yes, that’s my real name.

      My journey as a hairdresser started as a homeless drop-out sweeping the floor of a hair salon. Becoming a hairstylist literally saved my life.

      From those humble beginnings, I worked my way up to becoming the hairstylist for some of the most famous models, actors and musicians in the world.

      Along the way, I realized there was a big problem with my career. I was earning money, but wasn’t keeping much of it. And what I did keep, I had no idea what to do with it.

      Being surrounded by some of the most successful people in the world I had the opportunity to learn how to build wealth and passive income, and that as a hairstylist I was uniquely positioned for massive financial success as well.

      I went on to build several multi-million dollar companies that span across more than 40 countries in multiple industries. I’ve purchased hundreds of investment properties. I learned to take my potential way beyond my price.

      With the guidance of these mentors I discovered not only how to become an excellent hairdresser, but perhaps more importantly how to tap into the limitless financial potential available to us in this multi-billion dollar industry through mastery of 3 simple principles. Mindset. Models. Money.

      Jennifer Kenny

      Cuyler Engram

      Hi, I'm Jen. I'm a salon suite expert and business coach. I believe every stylist deserves to have a business that honors both their well-being AND their bank account - and I create resources that help you achieve just that. 

      With over 12 years of experience in the industry, Cuyler Engram II shares his passion at LOFT 22 Salon (Glam and Grooming Studio) located in Houston, Texas. 

      From haircutting and braiding, to creative color techniques and formulations, he loves it all!! He is recognized for his contributions in runway, editorial, special effects, and theatrical make up and hair.

      Educating on a national level for several different companies, he has taught several classes around the country with an emphasis on sharing knowledge to other industry professionals pertaining to a multitude of topics and techniques. Striving to be a martyr in the industry, he uses his understanding of color theory, clients lifestyles, and passion for the trade to concoct just the right formula to enhance his guests natural poise whilst creating a personalized experience. 

      He stands firmly behind the motto "Success is only success when shared amongst others."

      Nina Tulio

      Kim Kennedy

      Nina Tulio is an industry-leading salon business consultant, speaker, and educator helping salon owners and stylists around the world to grow their business, while growing themselves. Nina’s unique approach focuses on encouraging her clients to grow through personal development, self-care, all while offering the tools needed to build a thriving, sustainable salon business. 

      Nina has 25 years in the industry. She has served in all facets of the business. 20 years as a hairstylist, 8 years as a chain salon executive, and 11 years as a successful commission salon owner . In 2016, Nina decided to sell her salon to fulfill her dream of creating her own consulting agency. This business was created simply to help owners and stylists not only grow their business , but grow their confidence. Combining her deep passion and care for people and her love for the industry, Nina has made it her mission to uplift the beauty industry and empower anyone that is a part of it.

      Kim Kennedy is a Business + Success coach for Hairstylists & creator of Next Level Hairstylist Academy. After years of struggling to build a successful career behind the chair, working long hours behind the chair, feeling underpaid & burnt out, Kim 2x her monthly income in LESS than a year while working less hours, giving her more time with her family. Now she’s on a mission to help other passionate hairstylists, like you make a consistent monthly(& growing) income while working less hours so you can have more free time to spend with your family & friends.

      Towanna Dunn

      Kristen Varoli

      Towanna Dunn has taught multiple hair extensions techniques for over 15 years. Servicing a diverse community of hair clients as well as stylist students, Towanna Dunn has created a hair extension educational platform that hits home on all the key aspects that should have been taught in cosmetology school. With the recent release of her Ebook The Universal Hair Extension Bible's which is a reference guide for professional and an amazing learning tool for cosmetology students. This book cover 6 non braiding hair techniques that are guaranteed to help grow anyone’s hair extension business.

      Kristen is a salon industry coach specializing in building salon teams and growing & scaling salon businesses. 

      She has been in the industry for almost twenty years and spent 14 years as a commission based salon owner building, growing, scaling and eventually selling her successful salon business for multiple six-figures.

      Kristen now helps new & existing salon owners overcome their fears and become more confident leaders while teaching them create freedom and flexibility in their life & business. 

      Ebony Nelson

      Stephanie Mitchell

      Hey there! I'm Ebony. I've been in the beauty industry for over 27 years and my specialty is hair care. My second love is educating others about the energetics and psychology of creating an ecosystem of prosperity in their businesses.

      Stephanie is a recovering perfectionist and proud digital nomad (living between Canada and Italy), helping beauty business owners overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome, by teaching them how to find their perfect clients online with a strong personal brand. Her goal is to teach what she's learned in overcoming fear and “putting herself out there”, to lift up other entrepreneurs around the world. 

      She teaches beauty professionals how to use Facebook and Instagram ads to attract clients and grow your appointment book in her program The Ad Lab.



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