You're a hustling hairstylist with no shortage of ambition or care for your clients, but you're tired of spending precious minutes of your life responding to texts, dms, and emails, or coming in on your day off to squeeze sally in, when you should be spending time with your family or friends.

Let's talk about who this is for...

Before I tell you about this life changing program,

a booked and busy stylist with more new client requests than you can handle - and all though you're grateful, you're overwhelmed by your schedule and a price increase isn't enough to decrease your stress.

a caring human being who values the relationships you've created with your clients, so you struggle with boundaries, and lack a system that enforces them.

a business owner who is passionate about creating an experience that really wows your guest before they even walk into your salon.

You're in the right place.

I'm going to show you exactly how Pre-Visit Pathway to Freedom will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support in creating systems that grant you the time and energy you deserve.

Whether you're a...

Completely automated emails rejecting clients who are outside of your specialty, with professional verbiage so you can feel confident and kind when only accepting
services within your specialty.

A vetting process that automatically weeds out services and new clients that you don't want in you chair so you never have to spend time or energy on things that don't bring you joy.

Confidence in allowing your new and existing guests to book their appointment online without fear of them booking the wrong services.

No random clients having access to your booking link or phone # prior to your approval.

An customized automated email sequence that elevates the guest experience and takes the manual work of onboarding off your plate.

Your policies signed and dated by your client every appointment so you can protect yourself and make sure your clients are respectful of your time & business.

A pre-visit experience like no other to blow away your clients, and set yourself apart from the salons in your area.

With Hunter’s help, I was able to set up automations that are effective, professional and time saving. My favorite part was setting up my New Guest Application for new extension guests that I am confident will land the perfect guest in my chair!

- Joanne

I can spend more time with my family because of the automations I have set up thanks to Hunter! My clients have all been raving about my new Pre-Visit Experience. 
It's making my job so much easier!

- Shannon


frequently asked

This course will be best for independent stylists of any kind. However, if a commission stylist or team had the support of the owner, this system could definitely be implemented. Ask me about it personally over Instagram DMS @hairbyhunty!

You don't have to be amazing at technology to understand and implement this system. You do however have to be willing to embrace it. There will be plenty of support offered to you throughout the 6 weeks, and detailed, step by step tutorials.

In my own, and other stylists' experiences, this system works best on average with clientele ages up to 60.  In the course, you will learn how to roll this out to any and all of your clients so it's easy for them to understand. If the mass majority of your clientele is 50+, this may not be the best system for you. Ask me about it personally over Instagram DMS @hairbyhunty!

You can make this work with any booking system that allows for online booking. It will work best with Vagaro or Square.

The only other software that's absolutely essential will be Jotform, which is free if you're receiving less than 100 submissions a month.

Depending on how many guests you

You can implement this system in modified ways at any point of your career. Within the course, you'll learn different ways to implement based upon what level of your career you're in.

Before I took Pre-Visit Pathway, I was burnt out, I spent hours answering emails and responding to texts from clients. Hunter’s class was the answer to my prayers! He taught me everything I needed to know about automating my business and even walked me through all the techy stuff! I’ve gained hours of my life back and was even able to take a vacation with out having to respond to a single text or email and with out feeling like I was neglecting my business!!! If you’re feeling the burn out like I was prior to working with Hunter, what are you waiting for?! His class changed my career and help me set up my business to become more scalable! Thank you Hunter!!


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